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We design and build superior products with revolutionary robotics and automation to achieve high volumes, fast lead times, and ZERO waste, made in the USA.

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Revolutionary Materials

At Future Comp, we are experts in producing cutting-edge composite materials infused with polymers, commonly known as thermoplastics. This revolutionary material empowers us to tailor production precisely to meet unique performance requirements, while maintaining the ability to scale production to high volumes, all at an exceptionally competitive price point. Experience the innovation and affordability of our customized solutions that redefine possibilities in the industry.

State-of-the-art Process

From the initial design and engineering stages to the precise automated layup, efficient production, and meticulous finishing touches, our dedicated team and state-of-the-art facilities are fully equipped to handle even the most ambitious projects, ensuring impeccable attention to every intricate detail.

Industries We Serve

The versatility and superior characteristics of Thermoplastic Composites have opened up an array of applications across diverse industries. At Future Comp, we harness the potential of this material to cater to a broad spectrum of needs. Here are some key areas where Thermoplastic Composites shine:

Outdoor Recreation

The impact resistance and lightweight attributes of thermoplastic composites make them ideal for producing protective sports equipment, such as helmets, body armor, and paddles.

Automotive / Transportation

In the automotive sector, thermoplastic composites are employed in manufacturing body panels, interior trims, and under-the-hood components, reducing overall weight and improving fuel efficiency.

Industrial / Agriculture

In the industrial sector, thermoplastic composites find application in pipes, equipment, and structures, providing corrosion resistance and remarkable mechanical strength for robust performance in demanding operations.

Sporting Goods

Thermoplastic composites revolutionize sports gear, from tennis rackets to bikes. Lightweight, strong, and durable, they boost athlete performance and endurance across sports.

Aerospace and UAV

From aircraft interiors and structural components to rotorcraft blades, thermoplastic composites find extensive use in the aerospace industry, thanks to their lightweight nature and exceptional mechanical properties.


Thermoplastic composites are used to create lightweight and durable medical devices, such as braces, prosthetics, and surgical instruments.

Sustainability like Never Before

100% Recyclable / ZERO Waste

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