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Benefits of Thermoplastic Infused Composites

At Future Comp, we pride ourselves on harnessing the power of Thermoplastic Infused Composites (TPIC) to deliver cutting-edge solutions for various industries. TPIC is an advanced material with numerous advantages, making it an ideal choice for innovative applications. Explore the benefits of Thermoplastic Composites and discover why they are revolutionizing the world of manufacturing.

Exceptional Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Thermoplastic composites boast an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, providing components with remarkable structural integrity while remaining significantly lighter than traditional materials like steel and aluminum. This advantage enhances the overall performance of products while decreasing emissions.

High Impact Resistance

With superior impact resistance, thermoplastic composites excel in applications where durability is crucial. They can withstand high-velocity impacts, making them ideal for use in protective gear, automotive parts, and aerospace components.

Design Flexibility

Our expertise in working with Thermoplastic Composites empowers designers to explore new realms of creativity. These composites can be molded into intricate shapes, enabling the realization of complex geometries and integrated functionalities.

Shorter Processing Times

Compared to traditional thermosetting composites, thermoplastic composites offer faster processing times. They can be reheated and reprocessed multiple times without significant loss of mechanical properties, making them more efficient for production.

Recyclability and Sustainability

Thermoplastic composites can be melted down and reshaped, or chopped and reused enabling easier recycling and reducing waste. This eco-friendly characteristic aligns with sustainability goals and minimizes the environmental impact of manufacturing processes.

Thermal Stability

These composites exhibit excellent thermal stability, ensuring consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures. This property is crucial for applications in extreme temperature conditions.

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Introducing a New Era of Sustainable Thermoplastics Manufacturing

We are on the fore-front of new sustainable materials and technology that is changing the future of composites manufacturing.

Our Way (Thermoplastics)

The Old Way (Thermoset)

100% Recyclable
0% Recyclable
Fast Cycle Times
Long Cycle Timnes (Hours/Days)
Speed = Cost Savings
Slow = Expensive
Unlimited Shelf-life
Limited Shelf-life
Not Refrigerated (Energy Savings)
Referagerated (High Energy Cost)
Zero Waste
significant Waste
Ability to Thermoform Multiple Times
One-time Forming Operation

100% recyclable, zero-waste, and energy efficient

FUSIONFIBERĀ® is our proprietary process and recipe for creating a better thermoplastic composite material that is superior to typical epoxy thermoset composites in a variety of applications. Best of all, at the end of it's useful life, FUSIONFIBERĀ® can be recycled into another light weight, high performance product.