What We Do

We help you win with innovative, high-performance products, at high volumes, competitive prices, and faster lead times.

Future Comp’s 100,000 square foot facility utilizes advanced automation in complex manufacturing processes. Our team of designers, engineers, product development technicians and product managers collaborate with your company, as needed, to exceed expectations for your high quality, high value part, piece, or product.

Our Process

Our revolutionary process not only delivers superior quality but also accelerates production beyond previous imagination. Crafting parts faster and more precisely than ever before, we redefine what's achievable in manufacturing.
Parts Made Per Day
Faster than Thermoset

Design and Engineering

Our multifaceted engineering team not only orchestrates the conception of parts and processes, but also demonstrates exceptional prowess in the seamless transition from aluminum, steel, and thermoset composites to the realm of thermoplastic composite components.

Product Development
  • Composite Design
  • Tool Design
  • Customer Collaboration
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • FEA and Topology Optimization
  • Testing and Qualification
    (Fatigue and Static )
Product Development
  • Lean Culture
  • Streamlined Processes
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Data Driven Approach

Tooling Production

Future Comp designs and manufactures hundreds of tools annually. We pride ourselves on our tool quality and execution.  With a full tool design and CNC program team working with our in-house machine shop, filled with all the latest and greatest automated machines, we’re able to execute your prototype and production tools quickly and efficiently.

  • Prototype and Production Tooling
  • Short Lead Times
  • 3 Vertical CNC Mills
  • 3 Axis Waterjet
  • 5 Axis Waterjet

Automated Layup

(~5 Min)

The long-fiber composite tape is spliced and layerd in a multidirectional pattern. This creates strength where it is needed. The lay-up is then consolidated forming it into a single sheet.

  • Precise Fiber Placement of TailoredBlanks
  • Repeatable Layups (X,Y, accuracy of0.10mm)
  • Long Fiber Strength
  • Less than 1.5 Sec/Course Layup
  • 50-75 lbs/Hour | .75m x 1.25m


(~3 Min)

With the mold machined in-house, and the lay-up completed, the composite material is heated and pressed onto the mold, creating a near instant product with the mold ready to make another.

  • Shuttle Between IR and Press
  • Heated Platens (Ability to PreheatTooling)
  • 100-ton Capacity
  • Heat, Press and Cool within Minutes
  • Dimensions: 51” by 58”
  • Working with PP to PEEK


(~2 Min)

Following the thermoforming process, parts will be quickly trimmed by either our 3 or 5 axis water jet which has the capability to cut out multiple parts in a single setting speeding up the process.

Consolidation / Welding

(~10 Min)

Our consolidation process can be done by taking multiple parts formed through thermoforming or compression molding. The parts are put together in a mold with heat and pressure applied the parts are welded together and formed into a single part enabling the production of hollow body structures and other complex products.

  • Strong and Lightweight
  • Complex Geometries
  • Innovative Tooling Techniques


Our finishing process consists of the standard de-flashing and buffing as parts come out of the mold. We also offer different finishing options including:

Powder Coating/Painting
  • Long-Term Protection
  • Enhanced Cosmetics
  • Wide Variety of Colors
Molded in Graphics
  • Built Into Tooling Logos (up to 2mm)
  • Other Text
  • In-mold Laser Engraving
Laser Etching
  • Post-Production Operation
  • Text /Graphics

Recycle Scrap

All the scraps from trimming, de-flashing, and even recycling are chopped up and made into new sheets for thermoforming or injection molding.

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